Telehealth Consultations

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the term for a health-related appointment that is conducted via phone call or, more commonly, online video chat. At enta, our telehealth consultations are booked with our qualified Osteopaths. Telehealth gives you the expert tools and advice you need to take control of your pain from the comfort of your own home and keep you active between in-person appointments.

These Online Osteopathy appointments allow you to discuss your issue with your practitioner and ask any questions. We will go through specific movements and tests to gain further insight into your condition, take you through a few exercises and guide you through ways to manage your pain at home – whether that be adjustments around the home or teaching you how to self-massage.

Your practitioner may e-mail you a rehabilitation plan or give you suggestions about how to improve your desk set up – each consultation and advice given is unique to you.



Can I use my private health?

At this stage, telehealth consultations are not able to be used in conjunction with private health.

How long is a telehealth consultation? 

Your initial telehealth consultation may take up to 45 minutes. All subsequent consultations are up to 30 minutes duration.

How do I prepare for my telehealth consultation?

Often with these appointments, we find it best to be performed in a space where you have enough room to move with little/no distractions. If possible, wear headphones for a better experience.

Wear loose fitting clothing that allows movement and can easily show your practitioner the affected area of your body. Consider wearing shorts or a singlet top.

If you have them, bring along a foam roller, theraband or spiky ball – whatever you have at home! We will bring them into our sessions to try ad give you tools for pain management.

Do I need to download anything?

No! Once you have booked your telehealth consultation, you shall receive a booking confirmation email. This email shall have a link to the ‘online appointment’ – simply click this link at the time of your appointment and your practitioner will see you there.


To book a telehealth appointment you can call (03) 9379 0637 or book online