Meditation with Trudy Sebaly

As a way of connecting body, mind and spirit, a meditation circle is offered in a most uplifting space within Enta, a wholistic healing centre, Tuesday evenings for an 8 week term commencing 15th July 2014.
Allow yourself a moment of oneness unique to yourself. Every week will feature a different way to meditate including:
Facilitated Journeys – be gently guided along your path through fields and forests, oceans and mountains, while allowing messages from your guides to filter through your consciousness to reawaken your dreaming.
Open Eye – practice the art of focussed gaze upon a naked candle flame as it bobs and weaves within your energetic field. Its movement is a reminder that while the world constantly stirs, you may find stillness within.
Crystal Wisdom – allow yourself to receive messages from these sentient beings who always have the right message for you whatever you may be experiencing in your life at that time.
Zen Walking – the gift of steady focus in movement, teaching you that no matter how hectic your life may be, you can always choose to reflect within a moment in time of peacefulness.
Open Heart – a concentrated and meaningful meditation that truly opens your heart chakra with the use of toning and silent mantra.
Relaxation/Pain Management – a guided meditation to relax all parts of the body, starting with the feet and ending with the crown, giving your body a chance to quieten the loudness of physical pain or discomfort, then moving into a silent meditation in a dream-like state.
Animal Guides – our wild friends enjoy sending you their wisdom with words of kindness and love through a guided or silent meditation. If you have a question in your life about a problem or situation that needs an answer, ask and you may receive.
Compassion – a guided meditation that allows you to learn to open your heart chakra to individuals and then to the world without losing your sense of self or power. A wonderful lesson in healing from the heart.

Trudy Sebaly practices meditation daily and facilitates meditation circles at Enta on a regular basis.  Trudy believes meditation is a wonderful way of reconnecting the body and mind with spirit.  It is her pleasure to hold these circles at Enta, allowing people the opportunity to explore a moment in time of oneness unique to them.  Trudy is a Reiki Teacher and practitioner of The Liquid Crystals.

May all sentient beings live free of suffering
May all sentient beings live in peace
May all sentient beings live free of suffering and live in peace