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Meditation with Trudy Sebaly

As a way of connecting body, mind and spirit, a meditation circle is offered in a most uplifting space within Enta, a wholistic healing centre, Tuesday evenings for an 8 week term commencing 15th July 2014. Allow yourself a moment of oneness unique to yourself. Every week will feature a different way to meditate including: […]

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Meditate to stay healthy this winter

Meditation is a holistic approach to strengthening the immune system, and scientific data prove the positive effects of meditation on the body and mind. Here are 3 key things you should know: Meditation boosts antibodies.¬†Best known for neutralising foreign agents like viruses and bacteria, antibodies are paramount to a healthy immune system, thereby making meditation […]

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Expecting a baby?

If you like the idea of a calm, stress free birth an exciting opportunity for parents to learn new skills for pregnancy, birth and beyond has arrived at enta. CALM BIRTH can show you how to have a peaceful and joyful beginning to your baby’s life. From personal experience, I highly recommend it for anyone […]

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5 tips to weatherproof your nails

When winter hits we tend to up our beauty regime to hydrate and protect our skin, but our nails also take a hit during the colder weather too. The season change can cause our nails and cuticles to get super dehydrated leaving our nails to split, break & peel. 1. Overuse your Moisturiser Moisturising will […]

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