5 tips to weatherproof your nails

When winter hits we tend to up our beauty regime to hydrate and protect our skin, but our nails also take a hit during the colder weather too. The season change can cause our nails and cuticles to get super dehydrated leaving our nails to split, break & peel.

1. Overuse your Moisturiser

Moisturising will keep your nails supple and less likely to break so keeping a quality hand cream nearby is a must. Lather up your hands after every hand washing session but get in the habit of massaging cream into your nail beds too. Massaging the cream into your cuticles can stimulate healthy nail growth and also prevent dryness-induced breakage. Take a look through The Chemical Maze handbook we having at enta to be sure the ingredients in your favorite hand cream is safe and actually delivering moisture and not doing further damage.

2. Use Olive Oil

Every evening before you go to bed apply a drop of olive oil directly to your cuticles. You can also gain the moisture you need by soaking your fingertips in a bit of olive oil and water for 10 minutes or rubbing on some Solar oil which is a gorgeous almond oil base specifically for treating cuticles. This will rid the dry and flaky skin around your nails and make for healthy cuticles.

3. Weekly Conditioning Protection Plan

Be hands-free for an hour once a week to really up the moisture game of your nails. Soak your nails in a blend of lukewarm water & milk or milk powder for 10 to 15 minutes and then coat your fingertips with cuticle oil before slipping on cotton gloves for an hour. This is a great hand and nail care activity to do while watching TV and will work wonders on the health of your fingertips.

4. Keep the Length

Nails are more prone to break in winter, try to keep your nails shorter and file to be rounded over square so that they won’t break as easily. Be gentle when filing and always file in the one direction.

5. Wear your Mittens

Keeping your hands and nails out of the cold, dry air is a simple way to keep your nails looking their best. They also act as a barrier from dust and chemicals that are invisible to the naked eye but can be harmful to your skin and nail health.

Enjoy the tips and if you have any great ones I’d love to hear of them https://www.facebook.com/enta.strathmore